adecc Online Concept

Online Concept for tranings and consulting

Lists in FMX (StringGrid)

Lists in FMX, using of StringGrids

VCL ListViews as Standard C++ Stream

Using of a TListView as normal C++ Stream

RAII when using the stream reassignments

using of RAII with stream reassignments, prevent errors with RAII

Further GUI elements and C++ streams

more GUI elements and C++ streams, Label, Form, StatusBar, ...

Small help tools, train your C++ skills

C++ as a competitive sport, use small helper tools to improve your skills and try new language features

Use of standard streams for output in memo fields

A series of blog posts explaining how to connect standard streams in C++ to VCL components

Conversion of the Delphi string types

Conversion of string types for Delphi build-in types

RAII and platform independent screen cursors

Using of the C++ Key feature RAII with Screen Cursors .. an example

Comment on "An IDE to enslave them" (Heise c't 10/2018)

my private opinion about this article in particular and about computer magazine articles in general

changes in the IT

Changes in IT, more social responsibility for the protection of natural resources and the environment

My first Blogpost

How it all began. My first blog, a long pause and now the restart here