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After I read the article "Crossplatform development for Android and iOS" by Tam Hanna about frameworks in the new ct - computer magazine (10/2018) on Friday, with a rather critical review of Embarcadero C++Builder and its frameworks, I decided to finally start my long planned blog. As MVP for the C++ Builder, some people asked me to become more active here. Some are unsure, and with this blog I want to give independent information about modern C++ with Embarcadero C++ Builder. Anyone who has seen me at a roadshow or training course in the last few years will remember that topics such as resource conservation and energy consumption, as well as programming in C++ are important to me, and that companies are not dependent on a vendor or framework. After all, the development of Qt is not predictable, and the use of JIT languages like C# or Java, or even scripts is not the solution to our current problems.

I started my blog in German, but it was always my plan to add an English version. To do so, we transferred the original blogs from the blogger platform to our own servers. So it is possible to reach more programmers with this information. This blog was originally private and I wrote the posts in my spare time. So I deliberately chose google's blogger platform instead of setting up a blog about the typo3 we use and the adecc pages. That's how I wrote my opinion at that time, and even though as Embarcadero MVP for the C++Builder and my activity is focused on the Builder, I wrote ad-free and as far as possible without any financial interest. So I hadn't monetized this blog through advertising either. Today you can find this information on our own platform.

Of course I have and I use examples of training courses I have given in the course of my work to show connections. I will also use parts of the lectures I gave at FH Strahlsund about modern C++. But I do not want to do a C++ course here. Rather, I am interested in discussing certain topics related to C++ in general and the C++ Builder in particular.

Unfortunately, as the CEO of a software company, I was not able to write an independent blog about programming. The situation here in Europe is a bit schizophrenic. So I let the original blog fall asleep in May 2018. Now I will continue it on our website and we will also copy and adapt the original blog posts. I still want to share my knowledge about C++ in general and the C++Builder in particular, show how to use the C++Builder and make the reader enjoy programming again.

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Volker Hillmann was born in 1965 and holds a degree in mathematics with a focus on databases and data security. He has been programming in C since 1988. After first touches on a Unix machine with Turbo C 1.5 on PCs. That's how he got to know C++ in 1991 and since then he is programming in different areas with C++. After some experience in the insurance and banking industry, he founded adecc Systemhaus GmbH in 2000, of which he is still the CEO. He is also MVP at embarcadero Germany.

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