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adecc Online Concept 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have all experienced how our everyday working life has changed dramatically from one day to the next. When the lockdown threatened at the end of February and the number of infections increased, we not only sent our employees to the home office, we also cancelled all our planned and partly already booked training courses at short notice. As quickly as possible, we now not only had to think about new solutions, but also find suitable solutions. How is it possible to offer high-quality training courses online? At the beginning we only knew what we didn't want. The previous webinars, where viewers only saw the split screen for an hour, were good for introducing a new topic, but certainly not suitable for providing high-quality training. The individual training blocks usually last longer than 1 hour, often several days, so it is very important to keep the tension up and not to tire the participants too quickly. In addition, a good training needs the dialogue between participants and seminar leader, it is not a one-way event. And also the direct contact between the participants is a very important component of a really good training. 
Without the corresponding experience, we started to adapt our infrastructure to the new situation in March and converted our training room into a complete video studio. In doing so, we had to learn new things and gain a lot of experience. What has to be considered when it comes to light and how do you prevent echoes in the room or footfall sound? What additional technology is needed? Our plan A quickly became plan B and later even plan C. But the solution also became more powerful step by step. Today, we think that this crisis really does present an opportunity and that the last few weeks have brought us a decisive step forward. Never before has development been as fast as in the last few weeks. And today we think that we can not only support it again, but that what originally separated us really does offer the unique opportunity to move closer together and to work together more dynamically and flexibly. And we can all save time and money. The Internet plays a crucial role in this. Here we are all in the same "place". 
We believe we have found a very good concept for this. We are still at the beginning and some things still have to be implemented. But today we are not only able to carry out videoconferences and thus maintain or offer new project consulting and support. We will also be able to provide training that offers much more flexibility than before, without sacrificing quality. Training content can now be better divided and the previous block training courses can now be held weekly. Training days can be shortened and thus spread over more days. We will now offer training courses that can be better integrated into your everyday work.  
We can now also stream events and broadcast them live via YouTube and Facebook. In the future, we will organize entire events online, connecting people all over the world. And that doesn't just mean the participants. The speakers at such an event can come from Berlin, Frankfurt or America and still perform together. But also regular C++ user meetings on different topics and a "round table" are now easy to organize online. At user meetings you can present contributions and prepare topics, at a "round table" we can agree on problems and have a common and therefore more perceptible voice.  

We have a number of new ideas that we would like to present to you during a live event on Youtube next Wednesday (17th of June 2020 - 15:00 - 16:30). There we will also demonstrate how training courses will run in the future. We are looking forward to your criticism and suggestions, because it is our goal to become better. 



We have created a section on Youtube for this purpose, where we will share videos in German language and hold live events in the future. We would be happy if you can participate and follow us there. There is also an area for information in English language.


  • adecc Systemhaus auf Youtube (Attention, this is a Youtube link and you are opening a page from Google! Inform yourself in advance about privacy and terms of use)


Maybe we can also arouse your interest to get to know the new C++ Builder 10.4 and the programming language C++ and follow us accordingly. In conversations with our customers we hear again and again that users have felt left alone in the past and were not sufficiently informed. Maybe we can close this gap together. 
We will start with the first online training next week. You will find information about the next training courses in the attachment of this e-mail, perhaps you will decide to participate at short notice. As you can imagine, and what you can expect from our online training courses, I will also explain it during the live event on Wednesday. I would be very happy if they were to attend. 

We've been in close contact with Embarcadero's management and product team over the last few weeks. We've already achieved a lot here. We now have a monthly roundtable to discuss problems and ideas around the C++Builder, and we also try to find solutions to support customers. Our stated goal is to increase awareness of C++Builder users. You can help us a lot here. Currently, we are unfortunately very often the lone caller who gives problems to Embarcadero. I would therefore like to talk to you on the phone in the next few days to discuss the current situation of C++ Builder, the use of C++Builder in your company, and current problems. I would also be happy to hear your suggestions, for example if you are missing features in C++Builder or if bugs are hindering your work. Of course you can also tell us if you need special training and support. We would also be happy to receive case studies of your applications, which we would then pass on to Embarcadero. This is not just about promoting the C++Builder on the one hand and your application on the other. From recent discussions with Embarcadero executives, we feel that it is extremely important for Embarcadero to learn more about the C++Builder users, so they can better adapt to our needs. In our experience, the requirements of C++Builder developers are fundamentally different from those of Delphi developers. But we can only achieve this together.

Scheduled Trainings (alle Preise zuzgl. MwSt.) 

  • C++Builder für Fortgeschrittene, 22.06. - 25.06.2020 (4 Tage a 6h), 2.300,00 Euro  

  • C++Builder Einführung, 29.06. - 01.07.2020 (3 Tage a 8h), 2.300,00 Euro 

  • Migration zum aktuellen C++Builder / Clang, 06.07. - 08.07.2020 (3 Tage a 8h), 2.300,00 Euro 

More scheduled Youtube- Events 

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