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Specialized IT solutions in the following areas Application Development, Eduation, Consulting und Coaching.

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we are adecc

and the name "adecc" is merely an acronym for "application development, education, consulting and coaching". Our name conceals our company's focus and so adecc offers services in the following areas


Application Development

We have specialized in the development of software with the programming language C++. Over the years, we have built up particular expertise in the creation of data-intensive applications and the development and support of company databases.



We offer an enormous expertise in the area of training and further education in the languages C and C++ with a special focus on working with the C++ Builder from embarcadero. Another focus is on databases and distributed systems. Inform yourself about our broad training portfolio! 



We place our competent employees at your disposal as consultants for your projects, should you ever have a need or other bottlenecks occur.



We are happy to supervise your projects directly at your site and accompany your employees while you build up the necessary competence step by step in order to be able to independently manage projects at your site in the future.


adecc Trainings & Webinars

Practical expertise at first hand


adecc trainings and further education around C++ and the C++ Builder

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adecc Online Concept

Online Concept for tranings and consulting

Lists in FMX (StringGrid)

Lists in FMX, using of StringGrids

VCL ListViews as Standard C++ Stream

Using of a TListView as normal C++ Stream

RAII when using the stream reassignments

using of RAII with stream reassignments, prevent errors with RAII

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