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Basics of programming with C/C++

Changes in IT, more social responsibility for the protection of natural resources and the environment

Lists in FMX (StringGrid)

Lists in FMX, using of StringGrids

VCL ListViews as Standard C++ Stream

Using of a TListView as normal C++ Stream

RAII when using the stream reassignments

using of RAII with stream reassignments, prevent errors with RAII

Further GUI elements and C++ streams

more GUI elements and C++ streams, Label, Form, StatusBar, ...

Small help tools, train your C++ skills

C++ as a competitive sport, use small helper tools to improve your skills and try new language features

Use of standard streams for output in memo fields

A series of blog posts explaining how to connect standard streams in C++ to VCL components

Conversion of the Delphi string types

Conversion of string types for Delphi build-in types